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Save Biodiversity Through Ecotourism

Observe while try to save them through ecotourism is one of the mission - Endemic Javan Hawk Eagle the endangered species that we could see if luck, and lot of birds. Endemic Javan Gibbon, cute but endangered species, there's 5 primates here from 5 primates in Java Island. Also Orchids and lot more.


Underground Observation

Karst formation and cave trip still rarely organized, but if you feel the first experience and see the beauty of cave ornaments and the unique cave life species that we could see while caving, such as amblypygi, pseudoscorpion, cave cricket, and bats. It may give you an excitement to caving again.


Eco-Revo Development

Social friendly, sustainable ecotourism and conservation. Because we care for the future.

Private Tour Guide

Freedom trip with your own schedule, Preference Places and Personal-self Guide. While Exploring, We Can Help and Care For The Future


GREEN HOLE EXPLORE is a personal organized of Private Adventure Travel and Ecotourism Specialist in West Java, Indonesia. We offer a different and unique style of adventure and ecotourism programs that collaborated between the tour and Ecology observation such as wildlife and outdoor sport. So, you not just exploring but also observed the place for your real experience to see the animals and plants in their habitats some of them are endangered species like birds and primates. We also organize guided and help you design your own self-guided nature/wildlife watching, jungle exploring, ethnic culture and caving or for cooperative Ecology basic research. We also offer the ordinary “tourist thing” such city sightseeing in Bandung that also called Paris Van Java after exploring.

With the spirit of conservation. GREEN HOLE EXPLORE not only guide for adventure travels and ecotourism and monitoring for sustainable tourism development but also take responsibility to protect the forest and biodiversity and make impact to the environment because some of the animals and plants there are endangered species that we concern such as javan hawk eagle, surili and javan gibbon. Furthermore, we also invite you to take the action too “a Trip for a Tree”.

In addition to safety and enjoyment, we are working hard to make sure that our trips are environmentally friendly and social responsibility. We are committed to ensure that local people not only benefit financially from tourism but also are our true business partners by helping us to develop our programs and activities, also to the environment that we explore. While exploring with most of outdoor condition and safety is a priority. All of our technical adventure tour equipments is imported and has international standard such UIAA (The International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation), with experienced and trained adventure team in wildlife and caving.

Whether now you are in Indonesia or Bandung specifically, coming soon or just taking a tour on the internet, we cordially invite you to have a look into what provided tours we offer and why with personal guide. We sure that you will find something new for adventure travel and ecotourism in West Java with GREEN HOLE EXPLORE that is just right for you!

"Unimagined Adventure And Ecotourism Explorience"

Tours Provided

General Categories For Our Trips as Described Below


City Trip

Trip around the city, exploring the unique places, buildings, city landmarks, local culinary, theme parks, market places. For a day or more with minimal-light activities, suitable for all aged. Find our city trip category or by interest activities.


Culture Trip

Trip around for exploring the culture, exploring the places with culture specifics like museum, Saung Ujo, Studio Artworks, Theatre and Ethnic Villages. For a day or more with minimal-moderate activities, suitable for all aged. Find our culture trip category or by interest activities.


Wildlife Trip

Trip around for exploring the wildlife, exploring the places with wildlife specifics like biodiversity observation, outdoor camp, waterfalls, hot springs, forest park, protected forest and National Park. For a day or more with light-high activities, suitable for all aged. Find our wildlife trip category or by interest activities.

Sport Trip

Experience outdoor sport with us, We provided specific trip for outdoor sport enthusiasm like rock climbing, caving, canyoning, rafting and off road. For a day or more with high-extreme activities, Aged restricted. Find our sport trip category or by interest activities.



Differ with wildlife trip, Research expedition are specific custom trip either with the places we afforded and species that can be research or by prefer species and place. For a day or more with minimal-extreme activities, Aged restricted. Find our research expedition category or by interest activities.


Consider This If You Trip With Our Private Guide Team


Our experienced team and equipments will make sure your trip is safe, fun and friendly with new experience for your stories.


With your tight schedule for vacation. We try to help with our flexibility time and your schedule. Just call or message and we try to arrange it.


We try to make it affordable for your personal trip with new experience and personal guide. While we can share it for social and conservation.


Help your families and friends trip to Bandung, by share this page and listen to their excited stories when returned.


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