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GREEN HOLE EXPLORE started in 2012 founded by Azhar F N Bangiel in 2011, base on Biology graduated with Ecology basic research and have a hobby to exploring the natural wildlife also concern with the biodiversity conservation. Helped and supported with friends that has a same hobby and passionate on it.

GREEN HOLE EXPLORE was originally formed to promote and accommodate adventure travel and ecotourism with private guide, flexible schedule and less people, that collaborating with Biodiversity observation that help people to knowing more about nature life while traveling and some are endangered criteria species. Also we want to make impact for the environment conservation through it and introducing the local culture. Furthermore, we also provide cooperative Ecology basic research and help scientist that want to take their research in certain area of jungle or cave that we’ve already research such as primate diversity and animal diversity in cave.

The places featured in the tours provided by GREEN HOLE EXPLORE are outstanding in scenery and less frequented by tourists. They offer ideal conditions for wildlife observation, bird and primate watching, trekking and caving for your new experiences, all of which are activities that bring the traveler close to nature and the local population in an environmentally friendly way. The places featured here are base on Azhar’s Ecology research and exploring with friends, have a lot of biodiversity and great sceneries but still less concern and monitor by the local people and the government. The sightseeing in Bandung city also called Paris Van Java featured unique culinary to eat, heritage places and cultural places.

GREEN HOLE EXPLORE is committed to socially responsible travel and to the preservation of the natural beauty and biodiversity. With our vision and mission we believe that developing a soft tourism provides measures of protection and enhancement for the cultural and natural wealth. “Conserve the natural from what is it now it’s better than fix it after it’s ruined”.

“From Nature, By Local, For Future”

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