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Where does your money go?

From all GREEN HOLE EXPLORE Private Trip either on the package list and w/o extension private trip.

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A letter from me:

Me as the founder and operator, consider the best thing for GREEN HOLE EXPLORE today and further day as long with the welfare of the people. Furthermore, as an ecologist I have my morale and responsibility with the conservation of the environment and research for further development, besides one of the place of the trip (Cileat) was my research site for my graduate. It’s keep precious biodiversity, however it still unmanaged and control with the conservation and the waste, also with the cave trip place.

I admit that the welfare of ecotourism depends on the welfare of the people, communities and environment around us. It is for that reason that we take extra effort to ensure that benefits from our trips are distributed broadly, although actual distribution may differ slightly from trip to trip due to exchange rates, changing costs and specific conditions of a particular tour and environment. Each private trip is a bit different but all trips from your presence benefit the local economy and contribute to protecting the environment also charity for people around us. Furthermore, that’s why this becomes a private trip so we could easily to managed and monitored between the visitor, environment and local people.

As for you, although GHE still in development, I have calculated precisely as low as possible only for the operational cost for each private trip (as described that include from each trip) and added 30% for the price trip. Let we say, 30% is the net profit for GREEN HOLE EXPLORE and it will be divided as we can see in the picture above (as for city trip it will be divided for each conservative places). However, as we can see in each private trip included there’s also several point that benefit with local people and environment. It will not include from the places you stay, shop and culinary in the city (Bandung) because I do not make agreement or joint venture with the vendors in the city but let me help you to find the places as close as possible to my office/home so we can more closer enough and know each other. I will make sure that each of the trip that you paid and the proof for “where does the money go” to posted in this website every end of the month.

I would not say “How small the profit for the GHE” but I would rather say “How BIG that GREEN HOLE EXPLORE can make a chance and improvement for the local people, environment and people around” and it will not as fast as we blink our eyes, it always start with small first step, commitment and big power of will. And I am glad that can help each other and to do this kind of business as adventurer, as ecologist and as people of Indonesia.

As Explore in GREEN HOLE EXPLORE. Me, GHE and help from people around would still explore for places that benefit for the further development program aside from the places that people already know or do not yet know that need to conserved and developed.

Thank you very much for your cooperation, friendship and trusted.


Sincerely Yours,

Bandung, Indonesia. November 11th 2012


Azhar F N Bangiel, S.Si.

Founder of GREEN HOLE

Founder and Operator of GREEN HOLE EXPLORE