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World Ecology Day: Ecotourism and Adventure Travel as Implementation of Ecology

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Ecotourism and adventure travel as implementation of ecology. Ecotourism as we know is a part of ecology, Eco-tourism:   Perhaps the most over-used and mis-used word in the travel industry. But what does it mean?  Ecotourism can define as “responsible travel to natural areas which conserves the environment and improves the welfare of the local people”. According to the definition and principles of ecotourism established by The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) in 1990, ecotourism is “Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people.” (TIES, 1990). A walk through the rainforest is not eco-tourism unless that particular walk somehow benefits that environment and the people who live there.

Adventure Travel:   Most dictionaries define adventure similarly: “an unusual experience including some level of risk and uncertainty”.  “Adventure Travel” includes this idea of risk and oftentimes some unconventional means of transport.  A trekking/hiking journey deep into the rainforest or journey deep into the cave with it’s attendant difficulties meets this definition.  While a city tour of Bandung might have some level of uncertainty it is not by definition “Adventure Travel”.  If you love true adventure you probably already know this and can see through the hype to find the real thing for yourself.

One principle of ecotourism that interpret the ecology is environmental friendly. Which the criteria are:

  • Activities to support nature conservation, such as: make program which encourage donation for conservation; join tree adoption / coral reef adoption / animal adoption / or other nature conservation programs; encouraging tourists not to buy souvenirs made of endangered or protected species.
  • Management on consumption of energy and natural resources, such as: options to use non plastic eating utensils / containers / etc; options substitute tissue paper during the tour; options to substitute paper during the tour.
  • Solid waste management produced during the tour, such as: applying 3R (reduce, re-use, recycle) if possible; collect all waste during the tour in container to dispatch properly later; separate waste (organic – non organic).
  • Visitors monitoring, such as: day, week and month monitoring, to show that how much visitor to visit that will not really impact to the environment.

GREEN HOLE EXPLORE in this world ecology day (November 1st) and straight forward to encourage our spirit of ecology and conservation through ecotourism and adventure travel in West Java, Indonesia. Even it’s still new born and started by one person and helped by his friends, that’s why it will be still a private trip. Hope it will be keep growing up and ecologically minded.

World Ecology Day: Ecotourism and Adventure Travel of GREEN HOLE EXPLORE

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