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Our Team

GREEN HOLE EXPLORE Private Guide Team team are made up of a handful of adventurous, ecologically minded and creative people from West Java, Indonesia. Young and dynamic trained and experienced team, we are eager to bring science into an adventurousness spirits and to take on new challenges in ecotourism and improve our proficiency in outdoor adventure sports and conservation.


Azhar F N Bangiel : Founder and Private Guide All Trip

azhar-zre-bandung-guide-tour-explorer-indonesia-westjavaIntroducing the founder of GREEN HOLE EXPLORE. Azhar “Zre” like to adventure travel and outdoor activities with something new since high school such as trekking, mountaineer, rock climbing, caving, rafting and diving. When in university, joined wildlife club and learn more about adventure management, technical, first aid and survival food.

Azhar holds a degree in Biology Science from Education University of Indonesia and still want to continue the study that concern to ecology and conservation. Graduated with endangered primate research about Surili, also like to observing about the other primates, orchids, birds of prey (raptor) and cave biodiversity, also joined several wildlife non-profit organizations outside the university.

From his background, vision, hobby, what he sees surrounding and travel course experience with lot of people. He consider to take action and implementing through GREEN HOLE EXPLORE Private Guide that he founded, make new friends, networks and study more. “Please Feel Free To Trip With Me and GREEN HOLE EXPLORE, although i’m not good enough with my English but i’ll keep learn and keep friendly our communication”.


Fajar Utama : Caving Instructor and Guide

Graduated from management university that has a lot of experience in outdoor sports such as climbing, trekking and rafting but only caving that the most he like after all until now.

Fajar is a caving specialist that trained and has certified by UIS (International Union of Speleology) and as Instructor course in ISS and HIKESPI (Federation of Indonesia Speleology Activity), also in another adventure experience.


Our Support

GREEN HOLE and Peoples that support GREEN HOLE EXPLORE.

Ecotourism and Outdoor Activities are among the fastest growing industries in Indonesia. With an ever – improving infrastructure and government program about “Visit Indonesia”, the country receives more and more visitors every year.

In times of increasingly uncontrolled development and economic pressures, we are driven by the same ideal: Brings science into an adventurousness spirits and helps to preserve the remaining natural environment and implementation of Indonesian Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (IBSAP) 2015-2020.

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