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Terms and Conditions


*Please be sure to read this prior to application.

This tour is the tour that GREEN HOLE EXPLORE (hereinafter referred to as, we) plans, organizes and offers to operate.

The tour conditions represent the conditions described in each course and all of the programs are private between 1 – 4 persons (max 8 persons) with the payment described, we can’t afford you to find another participant(s) to fulfill the trip(s).

Due to the limited team of Green Hole Explore, please see our tour schedule if there’s available or already reserved, that we suggest you to change the date of your trip(s) that still available.

In case you already in the city and want to directly reserve a trip, Green Hole Explore team will afford you to organize your trip as well the private guide as long there are still available private guide person(s).

Officially for transportation we will afford you only by city car (comfy up to 6 passengers include private guide and driver) like Toyota Avanza, but it depends to your number of participant(s) and trip(s) destination. Either It’s only can afford by small city car like Toyota Avanza, a bigger capacity car like Toyota Hiace or even need an off road car. This condition will affect with your trip(s) price.

All amounts mentioned in this quotation are stated in US$.

We accept travel reservation via email only.

Participant(s) are suitable for all aged. But preferably aged must be 17–50 years old in healthy condition. Due to the possibilities of risk(s) and danger(s) while activities. It is depend on your chosen trip(s).

Guest(s) will be deemed to have read these terms and conditions and have signed a sign in form which must be made directly between first party guest and Green Hole Explore (GHE).

The booking with confirmation of number of participants, list of participants’ names incl. title, (Ms., Mr.), passport numbers their profession, purpose and all in the booking form is required right after you booking at the very least 2 weeks or 7 days (if you already in Bandung) before the trip departure. This is needed to apply for the National Tourism permit.

To secure a booking, we require a completed booking containing all relevant information detailed above for each person by email. A booking is accepted and a contract is entered into when you send us the confirmation of booking and will be written in our tour schedules.

Payment(s) can be made via Bank transfer (Bank Mandiri), PayPal, Western union or Cash. Account details will be given after we received the booking confirmation via email. Note: that all the payment fees and surcharge are fully covered by the participant(s); We prefer payment by cash or money transfer.

50% deposit must be paid after your confirmation. Balance must be paid in full no later than 7 days or 3 days in cash (if you already in Bandung).

In the event of a non-payment of the balance, we reserve the right to cancel service(s) which are not covered by your deposit. Cancellation penalty will be incurred by customer(s).

The following are our General Policies about cancellation.

1. Less than 15 days prior to trip departure:
• 50% of the trip cost will be charged.

2. Less than 7 days prior to trip departure:
• 80% of the trip cost will be charged.

3. Less than 24 hours prior to trip departure or no show without notice:
• 100% of the trip cost no refund.

*The above rate(%) is the rate for trip price(s).
*The time of cancellation shall be based on the time that a participant notifies us of it within our business days or hours.

If due to a true emergency, you are unable to participate in the trip you have chosen to join, there will be no cancelation fee. What constitutes a true emergency will be interpreted at discretion of Green Hole Explore. Please be aware that conditions such dysentery, giardia, common cold, flu, etc are not classified as emergencies.

The time of cancellation shall be based on the time that a participant notifies us of it within our business days or hours by send us the letter via email.

If you do not show up for a trip, there will be no refund under any circumstances. Once a trip has commenced and you leave early for any reason, either voluntarily, or involuntarily. There will be no refund, under any circumstances.

Green Hole Explore reserves the right to cancel any trip(s) departure due to reasons beyond its control (i.e.: natural disasters or political instability). In such a case, Green Hole Explore will notify no later than 14 days to reconfirm for amendment the tour date or refund monies received in full.

In case the following reasons above happen during the trip, the maximum amount of compensation payable by Green Hole Explore per person for one organized tour shall be up to 15% of the tour price. After obtaining the consent of a participant, we shall offer economic benefits or travel services equivalent to the amendment compensation instead of cash payment.

Travel insurance is compulsory for all people traveling with Green Hole Explore. Your travel insurance must provide cover against personal accident, medical expenses, emergency repatriation and personal liability. We also advise cover against cancellation, curtailment and loss of luggage and personal effects.

The participant(s) acknowledge that during the course of the trip certain risks and dangers may occur, including but not limited to hazards of traveling on a jungle trekking, observing, caving and other activities. It may also involve accident or illness in remote places without facilities and caused by the forces of nature. The client agrees to assume all risks associated with the trip and agrees that no liability will be attached to the company or its outfitter, employees or agent, or to any member of the tour group. Green Hole Explore accepts no liability in respect of death, personal injury, illness or delay of the passenger, or for any loss or damage to the property of participant during the course of the trip, however caused.

Participant(s) must carry a valid passport and obtain the relevant visa(s) when traveling with Green Hole Explore. Green Hole Explore cannot accept responsibility if entry is denied to a country due to incorrect visa or passport documentation.

Visa On Arrival (VOA), since 2004 Indonesia government has launched a new regulation for tourism. Tourist(s) from every country can have visa on arrival in Indonesia and must buy one from two Visas on Arrival: US$10 for 7 days or US$25 for 30days, which you can obtain it at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta or at Husein Sastranegara International Airport, Bandung.

64 Countries included in this regulation: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, United States, United Kingdom, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Egypt, Austria, Ireland, Qatar, Luxembourg, South Korea, Netherlands, Iceland, Greece, Sweden, etc. (Wikipedia & Indonesia Culture and Tourism Government).

* Please go to the nearest embassy office for appropriate information.

If you have a complaint about your trip(s), you must make it known to your private guide leader as soon as possible so that he/she is able to take appropriate action at the earliest opportunity and you have to consider make a report for our further development.

When booking on a Green Hole Explore, you understand that Green Hole Explore runs private guide adventure trip(s) in around West Java or your choosen trip(s), where the standards of accommodation, transport, safety, hygiene, telecommunication facilities, level of infrastructure development, medical facilities and ethics (documents are separated depend on your travel) are not the same as you are used to at home, or would find on a conventional holiday. This type of holiday inherently involves a higher level of personal risk than a ‘conventional holiday’. Green Hole Explore, Government of Indonesia and the National Tourism Authority cannot accept any responsibility for accidents, injuries, loss of personnel effects or death which you agree to fully assume. You understand that during the course of the trip(s) certain events may occur, including, but not limited to, accident or illness in remote places without medical facilities, political instability and the forces of nature. You agree to assume all risks associated with the journey to the maximum extent permitted by law.

You acknowledge that travel on a Green Hole Explore team requires a degree of flexibility, and understand that the itinerary, accommodation and modes of transport are subject to change without prior notice due to local circumstances. Should Green Hole Explore deem it advisable to amend an itinerary for any reason, it may do so by shortening, varying or re-routing any trip. These changes are binding and additional expenses will be charged to you, if the reason for any alteration is outside Green Hole Explore control.

While traveling and other activities with Green Hole Explore, agree to accept the authority of the leader or local operator at all times, the local ethics and conservation ethics. You are aware that travel within a group may involve compromise to accommodate the diverse desires and physical abilities of group members. You understand that we reserve(s) the right to decline, accept, or retain any person as a member of the group at any time. Green Hole Explore will not accept responsibility or liability for any traveler who contravenes any law or regulation of any country visited.

All above tour conditions are effective as from 2012, Updated 2017 and when agreed to trip with us.

Green Hole Explore may amend the above-mentioned terms and conditions. In that case, we will notify you of any amendments on our website.

Updated 2017.

Available to download here (.pdf, new window)