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The simple reason why i came up with this Bandung Personal Self Guide Tours Provided are people time and budget, sometimes people already plan their travel schedule and budget weeks or months earlier, but sometimes their plan in smooth progress or maybe canceled due to unconditional somethings happen, even if their already paid for the down payment to travel agent. It’s sad to hear that if you already happen this before, in some condition why some people avoid group tour is the crowded, fix itinerary and your own privacy, is it right? even if there’s a place that you want to visit and hangover or a great photo spot that you want to take while you in a bus, you wouldn’t jump out or say “Hey, stop here i want to take photo first!”, right?.  So why don’t try hire a local personal self guide here…

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The simplest and affordable way to adventurous journey or ecotourism is trekking. Away from home town or crowded city. In several country trekking also described as hiking, hillwalking, tramping, rambling, etc. afterall the simple meaning of trekking or hiking is refers to an outdoor activity which consist of walking on a trail in natural environments, often in mountainous or other scenic terrain for recreational purposes.

Hikers or Trekkers often seek beautiful environments in which to hike and feel the atmosphere around which is benefits for their soul or psychologically health, like relief, calm, cozy, peaceful, etc and in some confirmed study, benefits of hiking or trekking to the body health include, but are not limited to, losing excess weight, decreasing hypertension, and lungs freshness…

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Caving also occasionally known as spelunking and potholing, is another way to sense the adventurous journey that is just still a several people try this activity and also to be known as extreme sports or just another outdoor activity with typical skill. For recreational purposes, most people rather to seek for an artificial or handmade cave because it’s more safety and clean but it’s just only history to hear and there is less to sightseeing, it will be different if compared with caver that seek for adventurous way.

Cavers for adventurous way often not just only seek for recreational purposes but also feel the new experience exploring and pumping the adrenaline, because of the darkness, wet, muddy and slippery way but besides that there’s a lot of wonderful life and sceneries that could see…

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