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Caving Tours Provided For Your Privacy In West Java | GREEN HOLE EXPLORE


“Fulfill Adrenaline In Darkness – Wonderful Life Of The Underworld”


Private Adventure Caving and Ecotourism Cave Scenery in West Java - Green Hole Explore ImageCaving also occasionally known as spelunking and potholing, is another way to sense the adventurous journey that is just still a several people try this activity and also to be known as extreme sports or just another outdoor activity with typical skill. For recreational purposes, most people rather to seek for an artificial or handmade cave because it’s more safety and clean but it’s just only history to hear and there is less to sightseeing, it will be different if compared with caver that seek for adventurous way.

Cavers for adventurous way often not just only seek for recreational purposes but also feel the new experience exploring and pumping the adrenaline, because of the darkness, wet, muddy and slippery way but besides that there’s a lot of wonderful life and sceneries that could see like the ornaments (i.e. stalactite, stalagmite, waterfall, etc) and the creatures (i.e. cave cricket, pseudo scorpion, amblypygi or whip spider, etc), also the historic or mystical story of the cave from the local people. That’s the enjoyment for caving not only for recreational purposes but also to encourage the adrenalin, scientific study and other benefits that based on personal feeling.

Although feeling the enjoyment while caving, many cave environments are very fragile that must be considered the impact of the pollution while caving also caves can be dangerous places; hypothermia, falling, flooding, falling rocks and physical exhaustion are the main risks, that have to knowledge and typical skill about caving to maintain the risk especially with a new caver. Green Hole Explore here is to bring those benefits within the tours and for the new cavers that want to feel the new experience and enjoyment of caving, control the number of person in the team and time to visit. Rather to make decreased impact for the environments but Green Hole Explore want to increased impact for the environments conservation for further development.


Private Caving That We Provide For You

Bojong Cave Explore (2D1N)

The caving trip takes …