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Personal Self Guide

“Freedom Trip With Your Own Schedule, Preferences Place and Personal Self Guide – No More Strict Fix Itinerary and Crowd Peoples”


Personal Self Guide Couple For They Honeymoon Camp at WaterfallThe simple reason why i came up with this Bandung Personal Self Guide Tours Provided are people time and budget, sometimes people already plan their travel schedule and budget weeks or months earlier, but sometimes their plan in smooth progress or maybe canceled due to unconditional somethings happen, even if their already paid for the down payment to travel agent. It’s sad to hear that if you already happen this before, in some condition why some people avoid group tour is the crowded, fix itinerary and your own privacy, is it right? even if there’s a place that you want to visit and hangover or a great photo spot that you want to take while you in a bus, you wouldn’t jump out or say “Hey, stop here i want to take photo first!”, right?.

So people came up to planning and consider to going backpacker style, either to going alone/solo,couple or group backpacker. Personal Self Guide Girls TravelerSome of reasons why their planning to going backpacker is maybe they want to sense the adventures experience of exploring out from their home/country with their own foot or maybe the reason is their lack/less of money/budget that always to find a cheap or free things while their traveling, and many reasons perhaps.  However, when you planning to going backpacker please consider the risk too. some place or country have their own rule and culture, some people are good or looking “good”, crimes level, travel scam, etc, because they see you going around alone without local friend to accompany you, maybe they smile while ask themselves curiously “what are they doing here?, what are they looking for? and many more”. Sometimes it’s not always the same when we backpacker in old time and this time.

Otherwise, you can hire a local personal self guide to accompany you while you traveling around Bandung. Instead you still have experience like backpacker no crowded bus people and fix itinerary, yet you can still at least feel safe in exploring while not being curiously by other people or get travel scam that want to try get some tourist money because there’s a local people that friendly accompany you all around anytime and places.  That’s why i came up with this kind of service to provide your exploring in Bandung, West Java. Here’s the reason why you can trust and consider to choose my personal self guide service.

Self Guide Tour Group Scientist Explore

What? As describe above and know about personal self guide is just like tour guide in a group on a bus, but the different is you hire a local people to accompany you all along day to travel and exploring around many places even at night with flexible itinerary time and budget. Consider what are the benefit between going backpacker alone and hire a local personal self guide.

Where? For now is around Bandung, West Java because my domicile is in Bandung on what kind of activities and places to visit do you want me to accompany to, you can consider to see already tour provided here like trekking and caving (just click the link). However if you feel friendly and comfortable to be accompany with me and have a lot of budget, i can consider to accompany you to another cities or even around the country of Indonesia.

When? You choose and planning; when your arrive or plan to go to Bandung, how many days you will gonna stay here, what kind of activities and places that you want to visit that you planning already or give trust to me to plan it and confirm it back to you. However, in case you’re already here in Bandung just call me and we can meet and talk later.

Why? apart myself as local people here in Bandung, i’m also an explorer and like to find a new nature place to see here, an ecology minded that want to see biodiversity, capability to  speak English so as can be your translator here even not very good and also with my precious team that support me. Furthermore, some of money that you spend with my service, i’ll set aside for my environment project.

Who? Everyone can use this kind of my service; ages, male, female, solo/alone, couple, two or mre but not more than 10 people because i’m not a travel agent, i’m just a personal self guide. Under in some kind of agreement, term and condition first.d

How? If you already plan and consider to trust and want to try my service. Please contact me through email: info[at] or in case of urgency and you already here in Bandung please call my mobile phone +62-896-681-23472. or you can see in contact page with our address here.

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