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Trekking Tours Provided For Your Privacy In West Java | GREEN HOLE EXPLORE


“Enjoyment Of Natural Freedom – Observe The Wildlife Endangered”


Private Adventure Trekking and Ecotourism Waterfall Scenery - Green Hole ExploreThe simplest and affordable way to adventurous journey or ecotourism is trekking. Away from home town or crowded city. In several country trekking also described as hiking, hillwalking, tramping, rambling, etc. after all the simple meaning of trekking or hiking is refers to an outdoor activity which consist of walking on a trail in natural environments, often in mountainous or other scenic terrain for recreational purposes.

Hikers or Trekkers often seek beautiful environments in which to hike and feel the atmosphere around which is benefits for their soul or psychologically health, like relief, calm, cozy, peaceful, etc and in some confirmed study, benefits of hiking or trekking to the body health include, but are not limited to, losing excess weight, decreasing hypertension, and lungs freshness also we could learn some of local culture, if in that area there is a local tribe or local people that have a unique culture. That’s why for several people want to experience it in private travel rather than joining agency that it will be a lot of people and under control by the agency because to feel these enjoyments of natural freedom is based on personal feeling.

Although we have got the benefits from the nature life, sometimes trekkers or hiker may accidentally destroy or threatening the environment that they enjoy because these environments are often fragile even with the endangered species there. While the action of an individual may not strongly affect the environment, the mass effect of a large number of hikers can degrade the environment. Green Hole Explore here is to bring those benefits within the tours, not to control the time but to control the number of person in the team and time to visit. Rather to make decreased impact for the environments but Green Hole Explore want to increased impact for the environments conservation for further development.


Private Trekking That We Provide For You

Cileat Explore Sightseeing (2D1N)

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